Doing Personal Branding through Social Media

by GDP Venture
personal branding

Social media isn’t just for fun, or a place for brands running their marketing campaign, but it also a place to build personal branding for career development. The executive behind many companies also uses social media to engage with stakeholders, including building a personal brand.

Quoted from Marketeers Magazine, social media is more powerful in the horizontal, inclusive, and social era, where the customer wants to be engaged and treated as a friend. When do a personal branding, marketers always share their mind on various things, such as social issues, business, hobbies, and also their family. In Indonesia, there are a few names of the many activists personal branding like Head of Research from Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Poltak Hortadero , CEO of Asuransi Astra Santosa, and also startup rockstar & CEO of Bukalapak Achmad Zaky.

Poltak said that social media is so wide for building a network. Zaky also said the same voice, he thinks social media is important to sharing an information. For him who have Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and also blog, every platform has its own mission to achieve.

However, the company’s executives can’t speak carelessly on social media, there are ethics: they must be relevant to their personal branding values, and consistent with their positioning.

In the other side, Santosa thinks that social media is the communication platform for him to the audience. He can’t stand behind the wall of institution and bureaucracy. Now, he must interact with his customer directly and have to ready for complaints by his Twitter account. In the other platform, like LINE, Path, WhatsApp, Santosa sharing about his life, a hobby of a photograph, and many personal things.

To build a personal branding, stay focus and find your own expertise. Do not also outsource. Because the expression will be lost. Poltak also added not recommend to people to make money in their personal branding through social media. Your personal brand is a vivid indication of the best you have to offer; the performance, contributions, and value your next employer/partner/investor can expect from you.

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