Element Showcases Its Technology At BCA’s “Ready, Set, Go!”

by Element.inc

Bank Central Asia (BCA), Indonesia’s largest private bank with 19 million customers, highlighted Element’s innovative Smart Vending Machine at the bank’s annual “Ready, Set, Go!” event. Element integrated its facial recognition technology into a vending machine located in the BCA Learning Institute Sentul, where various exhibitors and BCA employees had the opportunity to experience Element’s state-of-the-art solution.

“We were excited to watch everyone interact with our facial recognition technology and have fun doing so,” said Rizki Suluh Adi, Element’s Head of Indonesia. “Our Smart Vending Machine is a glimpse into the future of how digital identity technologies can profoundly change models of service delivery and simplify everyday interactions.”

After inputting an employee ID, exhibition attendees captured a simple selfie with the vending machine’s inbuilt camera. Once verified, the individual received a random snack or beverage. If anyone returned for a second prize, the machine notified these individuals that they had already received a gift.

Users commented on the seamless, fast, and innovative nature of the technology. “I was pleasantly surprised,” an employee commented. “It was actually really easy to use.” One individual mentioned the speed of the transaction: “[The transaction] was very easy and very fast.” Another attendee observed how much faster Element’s solution was relative to other biometric recognition technologies.

Other individuals saw the potential for this technology to be implemented beyond the Smart Vending Machine: “Though this seems simple, we can apply this facial recognition system crossing banking transactions,” said an employee. “Everyone can use this facial recognition system - it represents a new way to transact.”

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