Endeus Initiates #DukungUKM Movement to Help Indonesia Food SME Amid the Coronavirus pandemic

by Endeus.tv

The physical distancing policy is a right policy to break to suppress the spread of Coronavirus.

Today’s situation caused by Coronavirus is an unfortunate event for everyone. Either for an ordinary person who cannot travel around with his/her family, or workers who have to stay at home and gain less income or entrepreneurs whose income has also decreased, including the culinary SME entrepreneurs who have to set new strategies to keep their businesses running. To help these culinary SME, Endeus invites its followers to #DukungUKM during #DiRumahAja period.

This invitation was conveyed through Endeus social media by sharing #RekomEndeus groceries sellers or list of culinary who are recommended by Endeusiast. Endeus also conveys that by #DiRumahAja, the followers could help the culinary SME by ordering food and beverage online and delivering it through food delivery.

Endeus also shares tips on how to receive the food delivery by avoiding direct contact, one of the way is by using the food delivery application that offers cashless payment to avoid direct contact with the delivery guys and immediately move the food from the food box to the plate and throw the food box to avoid the Coronavirus transmission that might stick to the food packaging and wash hands afterwards. This is the most effective way to cut the spread of Coronavirus and support the culinary SME to keep running the businesses.

Don’t forget to participate in #DukungUKM by giving recommendations of small-medium culinary places using Endeus template that was shared by Story Highlight of Endeus Instagram. Don’t forget to publish and tag @endeus.tv for us to repost and share it with Endeusiast.




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