Fintech Nowadays in Indonesia

by GDP Venture
Indonesia fintech

Before the term of “startup” emerge, “fintech” is just another financial services firm with technology-centric business models. As we stand today, fintech considered as one of the hottest vertical industries in the Information Age.

Fintech could tackle many issues, allows unbanked people the ability to manage financial solution for instance. Some other fintech player provides a customized user experience interface in partnership with a traditional bank.

Bank still play a major role in this vertical directly or indirectly. But one thing for sure is that everything under the nose of Indonesian Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan/OJK).

There is Veritrans, Indonesia fintech titan that serves as a payment gateway. Bridging people to people to do online trading safely and conveniently. Trusted by most of big e-commerce player around the nation, Veritrans gave a massive impact on Indonesia e-commerce ecosystem.

Another case somehow caused by the low penetration of credit cards among Indonesian, is that the rise of mobile payment. Doku, PonselPay, DimoPay, and others, are the alternative way to convince people to leave their cash behind. Considering people bought their smartphones everywhere, mobile wallet offer a simpler way to make secure payments in the apps or by simply tapping their phones over near field communication technology.

For those who needs a loan, bank and loan sharks are not the only options anymore. There is fully-fledged fintech that serve as a direct online lending platform called UangTeman. The borrower can quickly and securely borrow money by three simplified way; fill the form, verification, and quick cash disbursement.

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