Gojek and Halodoc Launch Online Consultation Service for People Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms

by GoJek

The collaboration will support Indonesia’s Ministry of Health in enhancing social distancing efforts and ensuring efficient medical care for those in need

Gojek and Halodoc today announced a partnership to launch Check COVID-19, a free online medical consultation service for Indonesian people experiencing potential COVID-19 symptoms. The service will ensure that those reporting symptoms can access instant medical advice from a doctor.

Through Check COVID-19, which is now available on the Gojek app and links to Halodoc’s app, consumers can conduct an initial self-assessment by answering a list of automated questions related to COVID-19 symptoms and their travel histories. The self assessment will then immediately direct suspect cases, classified as medium to high-risk, to an online chat with a doctor for further diagnosis and next steps, which may include an in-person COVID-19 assessment at a government hospital. Those who complete the self-assessment and are categorized as low-risk will receive educational materials on preventative health measures, and can access Halodoc’s ongoing telemedicine services to deal with other symptoms.

Check COVID-19 is designed to support Indonesia’s Ministry of Health in enhancing social distancing efforts and ensuring that medical supplies and care are efficiently allocated to patients in need. With the service, millions of Indonesians can get online access to initial COVID-19-related medical advice from more than 20,000 trusted doctors in Halodoc’s ecosystem, without needing to leave their houses and thus, reducing the risk of community spread.


Andre Soelistyo, Co-CEO of Gojek said, “As a platform that millions rely on daily, we have a responsibility to be at the forefront in preventing the global spread of COVID-19 and ensuring the safety and health of everyone in our ecosystem and beyond.

“Through this collaboration with Halodoc, we hope to provide millions in our home market with access to quick medical guidance and care, while supporting Indonesia’s Ministry of Health in implementing national social distancing measures. Ultimately, we want to be part of the solution that supports our health authorities and medical professionals in speeding up the detection of COVID-19 and bringing us all a step closer to overcoming this difficult period.”

Jonathan Sudarta, CEO of Halodoc said, “Since the spread of COVID-19 from the beginning of this year, Halodoc has continued to optimize our technology and ecosystem to anticipate risks and facilitate the needs of the community. Through Check COVID-19, our initial self-assessment system will help screen people and categorize them into low, medium and high risk, so that the government's health system can be focused on caring for patients that have COVID-19. Halodoc will also offer free medical consultation with doctors within the COVID-19 section of the app, during this pandemic.”

drg. Oscar Primadi, MPH, Secretary General of Indonesia's Ministry of Health said, “Addressing the COVID-19 pandemic requires close collaboration between the government and private sector. We believe this effort by Gojek and Halodoc will strengthen the government’s handling of COVID-19, by screening patients at risk and educating millions of Indonesians on preventative measures.”

Gojek will be extending its efforts to support healthcare workers in Indonesia by providing Indonesia’s Ministry of Health with GoRide and GoCar vouchers to distribute to thousands of hospital staff making trips to and from designated COVID-19 testing centres.

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