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by GDP Venture
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Personal digital assistant is great, but somehow the best practice we could get at the moment is that we need to ask, or else we are provided with irrelevant information/content. Google is taking steps toward making its digital personal assistant more personal to specific users to further cater to their needs by testing a new feature called “Explore Interests”.

A new “Explore Interests” section is appearing in Google Now for some Android users. As its name suggests, Explore Interests will let you explore different categories of things such as Sports, TV, Movies, Musicians, People, and Stocks. Then the algorithm will learn more about things in those categories. For example, you could tell Google that you’re interested in Silicon Valley in TV or Radiohead in Musicians. Once you’ve added an interest, it’ll appear in a card in your Google Now feed. With this card, Google can help to keep you informed about your specific interests.

The fantastic thing about this is that in time, you should be able to track almost anything directly through Google. Want an update on that niche sport or an important scientific discovery? Or whether your favourite TV series is getting a new season? Google should be able to notify you about it.

A Google spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that the new "Interests" feature is actively being tested by the company. There was no confirmation about any specific timeline or when there would be any official announcement.

Google is tinkering with personalizing Google Now at the same time Apple is getting closer to the fall release of iOS 10, which promises more powers for its built-in Siri assistant. In addition to opening up Siri to third-party developers, Apple is also using its intelligent assistant to surface proactive suggestions in Maps, predictive typing suggestions like locations in phone numbers in the iOS keyboard and more customized information on the iOS lock screen.


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