Launch Your Startup Now

by GDP Venture

Current business culture is full of people who has eagerness to start startup, but somehow just can’t get their business off the ground. Delays could kill the opportunity of having it. Here are some tips to launch your startup faster:

  1. Just start
    • Do research on how your business idea could solve the market problem. Talk to potential “customers” on the attractiveness of your idea. Live in the future and see what is missing in the world, so your idea different enough with the competitors, not just another success stories replication.
  2. Choose a co-founder
    • Even founder with best ideas need founding team to support the execution. Find co-founder who has same vision, pace and a skill set that complementary to yours.
  3. Find a mentor
    • Mentor could provide deep industry insight and wisdom to help you navigate some of the challenges that come your way. Consider to work with mentor who can pushes to the extreme and make the idea and execution even better.
  4. Write a business plan and make a prototype
    • Using the market research, start creating a good business plan that consist of launching, counter attack and growing strategy. Determine goals and milestones to complete the business plan. Make a prototype of your upcoming products/services and step up from your comfort zone by showing it to the potential customers to get feedbacks. Eventhough you have best ideas in the world, your prototype could be not preferred and need redo from the scratch. Be prepare for that.
  5. Wise when hiring people
    • Investing on people could be very expensive. Be wise when hiring employees. To save money, you probably would like to consider hiring remote workers or contract workers. But, do not hesitate to invest on high capable people who can support your business.
  6. Decide on raising capital
    • Getting investors would help to grow the business. The best investors are advisors with money. What sort of investors will depend on what you’re creating. If you’re creating a tech product in a particular area, you can look for tech investors and investors in that particular area too. For early-stage startups, you will be looking to raise seed investment from ‘angel’ investors. After that, you would consider to raise money form VC. But beforehand, you should start by deciding how much money to raise and how it will affect your startup.

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