Microsoft Pix apps for iPhone user

by GDP Venture

Who doesn’t love taking pictures with their phones? Especially iPhone users. Trying to make your camera smarter, Microsoft launched a free camera app for iPhone that even better than Apple did with its camera. Not on Windows Phone nor Android, the company use machine learning skills with a computational photography implementation intended to improve the quality of photos shot on an iPhone 5s or newer first.

Like we always knew, iPhone brought a phone-photography to the whole new level by providing amazing photos. But it’s Microsoft’s attempt to accomplish further by harnessing Apple’s hardware and their AI-powered camera app Pix.

Microsoft said that Pix could captures a burst of 10 frames with each shutter click, even before the tap. Furthermore, the app using artificial intelligence to select up to three of the best, unique shots. Before the remaining frames are deleted, the app uses data from the entire burst to remove noise, and then intelligently brightens faces, beautifies skin and adjusts the picture’s color and tone. And, voila! Enhanced images are ready in about a second.

Pix keeps things seamless by saving photos to the normal Camera Roll, and by also having the ability to create Live Photos. Microsoft’s promo video says that it creates Live Photos automatically when it detects ‘interesting movement.’

The app will also decide if there's any motion in the image that's worth making a Live Image (not to be confused with Living Images or Live Photos) out of. This effect will be automatic, rather than the toggle one would have to use with any other variant of a moving image.

This is not the first time Microsoft launch camera app for iOS, they had Selfie which is launched at the end of last year, and Hyperlapse up on their sleeve. This whole set of Microsoft camera apps for iOS somehow implying that Microsoft surrender competing with Apple in terms of phone camera.

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