What's New on iOS10

by GDP Venture
iOS users

Good news for Apple users. The most anticipated iOS 10 was just released. So, it’s time to update your iDevices to get the latest version with stellar features like:

Siri - Siri is now much smarter, especially in finding and recognizing voices. Users could send messages just by speaking, Siri will type them for you. Moreover, Siri also has been integrated with several applications such as Pinterest, WhatsApp, Uber, and Skype. And more is expected to coming.

Remove Default Application - Users can maximize the RAM and the performance of the phone by removing the default applications. As we know that some of the applications on iOS are considered useless for some people. You can reinstall it though from the App Store.

Rest your thumb to unlock your phone. Apple iPhone’s slide-to-unlock features was a trendsetter back in the days. Now iOS 10 give an alternative way to unlock your phone just by rest your thumb on the home button to activate the sophisticated Touch ID.

iMessage - iMessage improved significantly. You can send your handwriting which will be sent to the recipient animatedly. iMessage also emojifying your text, means you could get a suggested emojis based on what you're typing, this includes a hundred of emojis to the pack.

Deep press on your message could activate bubble and other various screen effects that can lighten up your chat.

Lockscreen - According to TechCrunch, Apple has unveiled a completely redesigned lock screen with a new look for notifications. They can also now display tiny live widgets if you have an iPhone 6S or 7 with 3D Touch. iOS 10 also comes with a huge Photos app update with face recognition, deep learning categorization and intelligent photo albums. Apple Maps, Apple Music, HomeKit and the Phone app are also receiving updates.

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